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Serve in Parish

Lay Readers – Lay readers provide assistance to the priest during services such as the psalms, lessons and prayers and serving as chalice bearer during Holy Communion.  This ministry helps create a deeper awareness of the relationships that sustain the gathered church family.  Lay readers require a written license issued by the Bishop. For more information please contact the church office.

Ushers – Ushers are responsible for cleaning and straightening the materials within the pews before and after each Sunday service.  They also greet and present the offerings.  For more information please contact Ed Doolittle.

Acolytes – Acolytes are active, dedicated members of the church who are specially trained to assist the priest during the worship service.  Acolytes may be youth or older members who have served for many years.  Duties include bearing the Cross that leads the procession of worship and assisting the priest in the preparation of Communion. For more information please contact the church office.

Altar Guild – The Altar Guild polishes and cleans the silver, brass, and crystal as well as launders and irons the linens before setting up the altar for the Holy communion services. For more information please contact the church office.

Choir – The Choir sings at the 11 am service each Sunday.  Volunteers practice weekly and are always trained and encouraged to sing parts of the communion service, anthems, and motets as well as leading the congregation in the singing of the hymns.  For more information please contact John Herrman.