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Saint Michael's Conference

Not your typical Christian summer camp.

At Saint Michael’s Conference, you won’t find cabins, mess halls or archery. But you will experience engaging conversations about Jesus, daily worship and plenty of time to hang with new friends. Saint Michael’s Conference is a week-long summer conference that centers on worship, discussion, recreation and relaxation so young adults can seek a clearer vision of God in Christ.

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What’s a day like?

We meet each morning to worship together and start the day in prayer. After a hearty breakfast, we spend time in an informal setting learning and exchanging ideas about Christianity and the influence it has on society and each of us. Most afternoons, we’re playing volleyball, basketball, kickball, Frisbee or lounging on the lawn. Before dinner, we reconvene for Solemn Evensong. The evening activities range from square dancing and talent shows to scavenger hunts and dance parties. More free time follows before lights-out.

Why Saint Michael?

The Revelation to Saint John describes the war in heaven, when Michael and his angels cast out Satan and his fallen angels. This battle between Michael and Satan is a picture of real Christianity. It’s not soft or weak. Quite the opposite; it’s dangerous, challenging, exciting and joyful. Saint Michael serves as our example to fight evil and serve God.